sofiaFAT OF THE LAND comes from the expression meaning to live well, to be nourished by abundance of the land. I live on the Big Island of Hawaii, a lush tropical farming island with jungles, waterfalls, active volcanoes, snow capped mountains and turquoise waters. We grow incredible food and raise healthy animals on this most remote place on earth. My inspiration to make this product came through researching time-honored natural living practices that optimize health & beauty. And with my degree in Environmental Studies I’m constantly looking to lessen the carbon footprint – instead of devaluing an incredible material that could go unused and instead seek out laboratory created skin care, why not just make it from the land? Plus I’m a bit of a kitchen witch, I’m a graduate of the a Natural Gourmet Culinary Institute and have worked as a personal chef for over 10 years and am always cooking up something delicious and health supportive. It goes without saying that I’m an omnivore, one who shies away from corporate food and factory farming, and prefers to be nourished by small farms that create true abundance of the land. In Hawaii we are extremely fortunate to have excellent quality grass-fed & chemically-free raised beef.

When I first heard of using tallow for skin care it admittedly sounded strange. But the more I read I realized it actually makes more sense to put an animal fat on skin than the chemical based ingredients found in most drug or health-food store products. Even simple plant based moisturizers have nothing on tallow. People all over the world have been using animal fats on their skin for a reason. Sebum – the oily waxy stuff that lubricates and waterproofs our skin – actually means “tallow” in Latin. Tallow is the most similar to your own skin’s needs in terms of nutrition and fat structure, its essentially analogous to your own body. It’s absorbed quickly and deeply –  transforming the texture of your skin with a non-greasy suppleness like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. After making my first batch I realized tallow is nothing short of a skin miracle. Seriously. After a few applications I noticed marked improvements in my skin’s tone and elasticity. Weeks later I noticed small scars fading, wrinkles lessened, blemishes disappearing and my skin glowed and was softer than it’s ever been. Similar to the hogwash we were fed about animal fats being bad for us to eat, the cosmetic industry steered us away from a traditional and extremely effective skin care. It’s time for people to know about this traditional and deeply nourishing skin food.

A few things to know about tallow and this product:

  • Tallow fat is typically 50-55% saturated, identical to our own cell membranes
  • Tallow contains abundant natural fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K in a balanced combination with their activators. It provides essential nutrition allowing the skin to self heal. Combined with cocoa butter, coconut oil and the remaining ingredients FAT OF THE LAND is likely the most deeply moisturizing and healing skin product available
  • Tallow is a rare source of Conjugated Linolenic Acid (only found in grass-fed animals) which are essential to healthy skin. CLA has anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties. Tallow also contains palmitoleic acid which is antimicrobial, meaning its shelf stable and soothes irritated skin
  • Composed of 50% Big Island Grass Fed Beef Tallow in combination with Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Macadamia Nut Butter and Avocado Oil with Essential Oils for scent. A little goes a long way. Peppermint and Rose-Geranium Scents.
  • Depending on the climate and temperature the texture will vary, in colder conditions the more buttery it will be, the warmer, the more liquid it will be.
  • Great for exposure to sun, wind, dry and cold, swimmers, surfers, tattoos, making babies, having babies, stretch marks, eczema, beard grooming, problem skin of any kind, or just to maintain healthy glowing skin from head to toe.


Orders available by phone (808-896-6715) and email: fatofthelandhawaii@gmail.com. Available in 2 oz blue plastic bottle ($12) and 4 oz blue cobalt glass jars ($25) plus shipping. Available in Peppermint or Rose-Geranium scent. Orders shipped using Priority Mail.